Hospital to Home Care

Returning home after a stay in the hospital can present several challenges for people and their loved ones.

While most people can’t wait to be back in their own surroundings, they may need extra care and support as they recover.

We have friendly, experienced carers who can provide that vital link between leaving the hospital and returning home.

Using the MyCaringPOD platform, you can get quick and easy access to the right care when the hospital discharges you or your loved one.

We’ll ensure you have everything you need for your recovery.

Key Benefits

If you're wondering whether the time is right for you or a loved one to organise care at home, then here are just some of the benefits of myCaringPOD:

Hospital to Home care helps empower people to move from the hospital and recover in familiar surroundings with all their home comforts.
The level of care can be adjusted as the recovery progresses, so people always have the support they need.
We can provide Specialist Care which is planned and overseen by nurses, and delivered by highly-trained, experienced carers.

What is Hospital to Home care?

Hospital to Home care is when a patient is discharged by their medical team and needs support to recover in their home.

Healing after experiences such as strokes, major surgery, falls or another health incident can take time, and people may not be able to do all the things that they usually do for themselves.

It’s crucial to rebuild people’s confidence in a safe, supportive environment where they can recover.

Hospital to Home care empowers people to recover in their homes with the support of a compassionate carer.

What does Hospital to Home care involve?

We treat every person as the individual they are, and therefore there’s no ‘one size fits all’ care plan. 

It’s important to get the right level of support to ensure people’s needs are taken care of for as long as they need help.

Hospital to Home care includes, but is not limited to:

Personal care
Carers will assist with bathing, hygiene, continence and many other personal tasks. They’ll also be there to help with meal preparation, feeding and nutrition, and to provide companionship. You can discover more about our personal care service here.

Household Help
Many people need somebody to look after their household management on their return from the hospital. From doing the shopping to cleaning bathrooms to walking your dog, there are so many ways our Household Help can support you. Find out more here.

Specialist Care
We have a team of carers who can support recovery in the home by managing any specialist treatment that is in place. Our expert team – working under nurse oversight - will provide everything you need, from tube feeding to tracheostomy care to using specialist equipment. Find out more here.

How do I book Hospital to Home care?

It’s easy to book the care you need on MyCaringPOD, and you can keep track of our carers from wherever you are.

How much does Hospital to Home care cost?

We like to keep the cost of accessing our Hospital to Home care transparent and straightforward.

To find out the cost of care, please head over to our Funding page

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